I had the most amazing experience two nights ago. My friend Kelli and I organized about 35 women for a night of activities designed to help us start off the New Year choosing happiness and kicking the general state of depression many of us have been experiencing for the last few years.

It started out as a typical girl talk between me and Kelli.  We have had our own struggles these past few years, but her being in real estate and me working in finance has given us a bird’s eye view of the misery faced by our clients, our neighbors, our friends, and our families.

And quite frankly, we decided we were totally sick of it.

So Kelli said that wouldn’t it be wonderful if we got together all of the fabulous women we know to do the one thing we do better than men – and let’s face it that most men are incapable of doing at all:  sharing feelings and talking.  And more than that we’d do silly things to encourage each other to leave the bad parts of 2011 in the past and focus on being positive and happy in 2012.

Three weeks later I’m at Kelli’s house with 35 women choosing guide words for 2012 (like strength, release, and harmony) , fortunes for 2012 (Kelli had saved all the good ones from fortune cookies over the years), and writing down our commitments to ourselves for the next year.  There was even a  pen and paper to write down what we wanted to leave in 2011 and a shredder next to it shred it – literally and symbolically!

The night featured the local head of Fresh Start talking about their mentoring program.  Fresh Start is an organization designed to help women who are struggling to get their lives back on track.  No better way to feel better about yourself than to give back to someone else who needs a helping hand!

And what would a girl’s night be without wine!  So of course, we ended the night with a wine tasting given by our local wine store owner, Laura of Vino 100.

It was a fun and festive night of empowerment that has made me look forward to rocking it in 2012!

I challenge each of you – men and women – to start your own positivity revolution.  Because let’s face it there’s not a politician out there who is going to lead us out of this crises of faith, we can’t count on the media to play to our better angels, and there is no magic that will pull us out of our national funk!

We have to recognize that WE are our own solution.

So start planning how you are going to choose happiness!  Become a self-rescuing princess.  And let me know how it goes!