I’ve always thought of myself as feminist.  I consider myself a strong, independent woman.  So  I’m not quite sure what possessed me to say to my son in response to his request for help with his video game that:  “girls don’t play video games.  You’ll have to wait until your father gets home for help.” I’m sure it was out of pure  exhaustion but it was not one of my finer moments, so sorry Gloria Steinem. My neighbor just told me that she had a knock down drag out battle of wills with her son about his lack of physical activity.  It ended with her threatening to put on a bikini and prance around the house until he agreed to engage in some kind of vaguely athletic activity at school.  This is enough to terrify any thirteen year old boy into submission. One of my all time favorite is my friend who  used to tell her sons when they were being rambunctious that they would grow monkey hair because they were acting like monkeys.  This worked well until they actually started to grow hair on their arms, legs, etc. and they started to believe that they were actually turning into monkeys. Bottom line is that we all have said things to our children that might not be “appropriate,” “healthy,” or “politically correct” but we can’t beat ourselves up about them.  Because let’s face it, these are the children who can’t remember to brush their teeth on a regular basis, do we really think they are committing every word we say to memory?  And even if they are  these things are funny!  So let’s learn to laugh at ourselves a little bit instead of beating ourselves up for not always parenting perfectly. Just remember the next time you say something you regret remind yourself that your child will not in fact develop low self esteem or  join Al Qaeda.  Instead giggle a little – you’ll feel better!