As working moms the concept we’re most familiar with is “rush.”  We rush to work, we rush from a late meeting with a client home to our families, we rush to make a vaguely edible dinner for our families, we rush to the grocery story to buy a dozen white eggs to hard boil at 10pm in order to have them ready for our children’s school craft project the next day – okay that last one might just be me.  Point is we’re rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off so often that we forget to take a breather and actually enjoy the full and beautiful life we’ve created for ourselves.

My friend just ran the New York Marathon this year.  She ran with a few women from her running group.  All the women were very much obsessed with their times.  They spent most of the race looking at their Garmin watches to make sure they were on pace.  One of the gals ended up tripping and injuring herself pretty badly.  My friend walked the last several miles of the race with her.   And as my friend tells it something amazing happened.  She realized that she was able to experience New York like very few people are ever able to experience it.  IN her words “They don’t shut down the streets of New York even for Oprah!”  So here she was forced to slow down and ended up realizing it’s never been about how fast you can get to the finish line it’s how much you enjoy the experience when it’s happening.

To me my relationship with God is that reminder to slow down and savor the experience.  To be grateful for everything – even the things that drive me nuts like dog hair and mateless socks.  Having a moment with God – no matter how you do it – gives you the space to clear your mind of all the “to-do” lists, stop running around like a maniac, stop screaming at your children to stop fighting and savor the beauty of the moment.  Because as working moms we do very little savoring and a whole lot of surviving.  We need to commit to make time to enjoy the fruits of our labors even more than we have to Pilates or soccer.  I mean isn’t there a point to everything we’re doing?  Isn’t there a reason we drive ourselves to the edge of sanity every day?  And the answer is yes.  But until you give yourself the space to realize it you are just going through the motions.

Easter and Passover give most of us a great excuse to kick off a commitment to creating space for God in our lives.  But as a child of an atheist and an agnostic I understand that organized religion doesn’t work for everyone.  I was very much reminded of this fact when I asked my dad to come to church with me a few weeks ago and he became so mad I thought I was for sure grounded and that he may in fact go get “the brush” and give me a good whooping.  If you think that grounding a 37 year old woman isn’t possible, you don’t know my dad.  So if going to church or temple isn’t your thing either try creating your own space where you are comfortable thinking about God.  You can get in touch with your God (or goddess) by watching the sunset, breathing in deeply the fresh spring air, or simly close the door to your bedroom and give yourself ten minutes of peaceful time to meditate.

So ladies, have an amazing weekend and just breathe!