It’s official:  women are sick of waiting for prince charming.  66% of women in a Pew Research Center study place higher importance on being self-rescuing princesses than Sleeping Beauties.  66% of women ages 18-34 responded  by stating that being successful in a high-paying career or profession is “one of the most important things” or “very important” in their lives  Of the men interviewed only 59% answered similarly.

Now before you get all hot and bothered about the demise of the nuclear family, the study also showed that for both men and women being a good parents and having successful marriages trumps their career aspirations.

To me this is all good news.  Because let’s face it the days of women even being able to afford the luxury of staying home is dying out.  And between the rise of single parenthood and this last economic blow it’s not dying a slow death it’s getting hit by a Mack Truck.  The reality is that we live in a nation where over half of all married couples have dual income situations where both parents work full-time  So I’m thrilled that more young women want to work because like it or not they most likely will be working.

And bless our mens hearts!  My take away from the Pew Study isn’t that they are a bunch of slackers (we’re about 7 points higher on the “wanting to earn more” scale and with a margin of error plus or minus 3-4% that difference is teeny in my mind).  Instead my take away is that they are wanting to be just as engaged and active in raising their children and being awesome husbands!  Can I get an Amen?

The other point the report makes that spoke loudly to me is that we women want it all.  We don’t want to be June Cleaver and we don’t want to be Amanda Woodward (hello Melrose Place).  We want to be both –  and then some.  And let’s face it that is one tough balancing act.  But I am a firm believer in all of our ability to achieve exactly that.  So let’s do what we can to keep it real and support our fellow self-rescuing princesses!