Some of you may remember that last year my friend Kelli and I were such bitter b**ches that we were actually sick of our own whining.  So to get our mojo back we decided to start off this year with an “empower women” event which would bring together all the women we love and celebrate our collective fabulousness – and you know, drink lots of wine.  At the last-minute Kelli had this great idea to bring in a local charity to present to the group so we could feel mildly justified in a night away from our kids and husbands getting sloshed with our friends.  The first event was a BLAST!  It turned out so much better than we could have expected!  Not only did we get our mojo back, but we raised money and recruited mentors for the Fresh Start Foundation (our featured charity), and we helped a lot of our friends get their mojo back too!  In fact one attendee was so inspired that she asked if the next event could be held at her wine shop, Vino 100.  So Kelli and I had this Dumb and Dumber moment when we looked at each other and said:  “Next one?”

I’m happy to report that last week we held our second “empowering women” event and it was awesome.  I know it was awesome because my mom went and told me it was.  But don’t let my mom be the only judge – you can check it out yourself on our Facebook group page:  AZ Women Inspiring and Sharing.  And accidentally it really did turn out to be an amazing event.  Because this time we not only hung out with our friends, drank wine, got our mojo working, and raised money for charity (Raising Special Kids – an amazing organization that helps parents of children with special needs) but this time we helped out a local business owner – and a female business owner at that!  Vino 100 is a wonderful local wine bar where most wine is under $25 where you can buy wines for your home, or hang out and have a glass there, or attend one of their very cool events like wine tasting with the actual vintner!  Through this event we were able to introduce a bunch of wine loving women to this shop who will now return as patrons.

So here’s the punchline, ladies:  you can do this too – and you need to.  Because if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that there’s no politician, or self-help guru, or fairy godmother that will have the impact in our communities that we can.  No one is going to care about our friends, our charities, and the strength of our local businesses like we do.  We hold all the power to create the change we want to see in our lives.  And if the Romy and Michelle of North Phoenix (as Kelli and I have affectionately dubbed ourselves) can do it by God you can too!

1.  Choose a venue (a local restaurant/bar is a good place to start because they have all the stuff you need and will help with clean up).

2. Charge for a wine tasting with part of the proceeds to go to the charity of your choice.

3.  Choose a local charity and contact them to have a speaker present.

4.  If you can collect some items to raffle or for a silent auction (depending on how much time and energy you have).  It’s best if you find some local artists or business to donate because it’s all about driving business to your local economy.

5.  Send out the invites – we use EventBright.